Alden Wheeler Detective Agency

South Carolina Private Detective
We are a Professional Private Detective firm in South Carolina. 
Infidelity and Custody Disputes - with a appointed guardian ad lidem on call
Criminal Defense 
Insurance Fraud
Small business internal investigations
Civil litigation investigations
Witness location/background
Process Service
Covert Video & Photography
De-bugging/Telephone Line Sweeps
Vehicle Sweeps
24 Hour Surveillance
Database Research
Missing Persons
Foreign Asset Searches
Cell Phone Recovery
undercover surveillance
social media investigation
Underwater recovery and search
Celebrity Security & Bad fan Look up
GPS Tracking
PErson Lookup (Location)
Software Installation of Iphone and Android Tracking

Individual Background:
Social Security Search
domestic case
Nationwide Name Search
Skip Trace (locate individuals)
Unlisted Telephone Number Identification (including cellular)
Global Positioning Systems
Covert Installations AvailablE
Still and Motion Camera

Drone with 4k Video and Pictures
Licensed with FAA

Expert in Cell Phone Monitoring with stealth software 

Specialize in Talking with teens and parents with issues!

Child Custody Experts

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